Winner – Best Event or Experiential Campaign. 2022 PRESSIE AWARDS

Spark’s purpose is to help all of NZ win big in a digital world, but in reality, manyKiwis don’t have equal access to the same technology. Spark is on a mission to help close this divide by improving digital equity across Aotearoa. “ALL IN” was a full day event, based at Spark Arena (750 guests) and live streamed to 2,000+ staff nationwide. The program was designed to educate and inspire employees on this new strategic purpose.

The morning featured a range of incredible young speakers, each carving their own path to create digital equity in NZ. All were still at high school and each had an inspiring story to tell.

The afternoon was arguably NZ’s biggest ever whiteboard session. Cloud based ideation platform Miro enabled the participation of all staff, whether in person at Spark Arena or online from offices and retail stores across the country.

Our scope of services included:

  • Lead Agency
  • Creative Development
  • Project Management
  • H&S Planning
  • On-site Event Management
  • Concept, build and experience design
  • Logistics
  • Audio visual and show-calling
  • Event Management
  • Stakeholder Management

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