Careers expos are frequently dull and un-inspiring environments. Skills Group NZ wanted to challenge the status quo by giving jobseekers a unique taste of the training and career opportunities available to young Kiwis.

The vision was to create a series of vibrant wooden huts, each housing playful, interactive experiences for attendees to engage with. The huts were themed to represent twelve different industries – from Hairdressing to Roofing, Plumbing to Real Estate.  The twelve installations would come together to form ‘Skills Alley’ the jewel in the crown of the MSD Auckland Job Fair. 

With BastionShine leading the design, Spur managed all aspects of production, build and installation, working closely with Retail Dimensions to bring this complex vision to life.

Our scope of services included:

  • Creative development  
  • Project management  
  • Build and construction management  
  • H&S planning  
  • Interactive experience design
  • Concept, build and experience design 
  • Logistics  
  • Event management
  • Stakeholder management

Skills Overview

Skills Kind 1

Skills combo2

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Skills Image