Spark was launching a new brand purpose to employees across the country and asked Spur to help.

The message needed to be delivered in an engaging, meaningful and informative way, to provide understanding and get staff excited about their role in bringing the purpose to life.

Our solution was to provide teams with a toolkit that guided them through each step of the process including the What, Why and How. Delivered via a multi-layered discovery box, the teams were taken step by step, through the strategy by unveiling each separate layer, discovering more as they went in a fun and engaging manner that was easy to follow.

Collaborating closely with Shine on the project, Spur also executed a large internal branding roll-out to compliment the boxes. This extended cross 7 Spark offices nationwide, ensuring that the new purpose was front of mind for staff.

The result was a huge success, personally engaging and educating over 5,000 employees, including at-home agents and staff in Manila.

Our scope of services included:

  • Creative Ideation
  • Logistics Management
  • Production Management
  • Distribution
  • Print and application
  • Site visits

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