NZ Post launched their new brand identity in June 2021, Spur was briefed to concept and execute a launch event for staff. The primary goal was to reveal the new brand in an exciting and innovative way while educating employees on the ‘why’. The major challenge involved the broad geographic distribution of this audience – from head office exec’s through to ‘on the road’ courier drivers.

Our response centered around a virtual launch. The content was to be pre produced in a studio environment then served simultaneously to all staff via physical viewing parties or a livestream broadcast.

The climax of the production was taking the wrapper off the new identity. In keeping with NZ Post’s human-first value set, CEO David Walsh joined an NZ Post staff member to host the content and deliver ‘The Big Reveal’.


• Lead agency

• Creative concept

• Shoot planning and production

• Edit, graphics and special effects

• Live-stream

• Event management – viewing parties

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