Mercury’s Kiss Oil Goodbye campaign is about getting Kiwis to try something new by parking petrol and adding a little electric to their transport diet by joining the Electric Revolution.

To support the campaign drive, we introduced a number of interactive elements to people's everyday lives that challenged their thinking and gave them a taste of how wonderful e.transport can be.

Interactive kiosks challenging behaviour; a VR experience that highlighted the benefits of renewable energy; and finally, the evolution of Mercury's iconic e.Bike fleet to include e.Tuk Tuks that roamed central streets and major events, transporting happy patrons and giving them a taste of Energy Made Wonderful all combined to form a supporting programme that shifted mindsets, strengthened brand positioning and drove customer acquisition.

Our scope of services included:

  • Lead activation agency
  • Concept, build and experience design
  • On-site event management
  • Promotional staffing
  • Logistics

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