Corona and the Splore Festival have lots in common, including a love for the incredible coastal spots that help make Kiwi summers so special. Tapapakanga Regional Park, where Splore holds its weekend-long, beachside party, is an iconic location and the true embodiment of Corona's "From Where You'd Rather Be" tagline.

Spur has worked closely with Corona and Splore over the past three summers to create a main bar area that can quickly slake festival-goers' thirsts and provide an awesome brand experience.

In 2018, we added the Corona Airstream – a classic symbol of retro-cool escape – which acted as an express service lane.

Building on their partnership with the Sustainable Coastlines charity, Corona provided a team of dedicated brand ambassadors who collected rubbish throughout the festival, making sure Corona stayed true to the Splore motto: "Leave no trace".

Our scope of services included:

  • Design and renders.
  • Concept development.
  • Production planning and management.
  • Promotional staffing.
  • Theming and dressing.

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