Spur began life as New Zealand Sponsorship Agency (NZSA) in 2001 to return greater value to corporate sponsors via better sponsorship strategy and activation. We quickly became an award winning agency with a stable of blue chip clients.

In June 2014 we changed our name to Spur - Sponsorship and Brand Experience. The change reflects the fact that our services now extend well beyond sponsorship to include events, experiential marketing and pop-up brand activations.

We have become one of NZ’s most successful brand experience agencies.

Our services now extend well beyond sponsorship.

Experiences Matter

We are sponsorship and brand experience strategists, creators and executors - our medium has exploded with the advent of digital media and the ability to share and amplify “worthy” experiences.

Brands are now defined by customers sharing their experiences of what brands do, not  just what they say. We get your brand doing things good enough for your customers to share.




Spur are surfers, marketers, event entrepreneurs, art directors, musicians and music lovers, film production designers, sports people, lighting gurus, parents, media execs, partiers, skiers and snowboarders, festival goers, sport business executives, client marketing managers and community helpers.

We are a human agency, experts at inspiring genuine human response from your customers for the good of your product or brand.

Where we don’t have the range of skills to deliver an entire project, Spur regularly plays a lead agency or a partner agency role.

We are a human agency, experts at inspiring genuine human response.

Our clients love the combination of our professional experience and real life participation.

Nick Brown-Haysom -


Nick Brown-Haysom -


Nick Brown-Haysom -


Nick Brown-Haysom -


Nick Harvey

Managing Director

[email protected] | +64 27 5544 890

While Nick's passion is marketing his career has encompassed a range of disciplines including accounting & finance, IT & project management. This diverse background has set the platform for his grounded, strategic approach to running Spur. With 12 years + working across a range of global brands and world-class activations, Nick is one of the most experienced professionals in New Zealand.

"In an increasingly cluttered world brands will be defined by what they do, not what they say. I am a huge advocate for the power of sponsorship and brand experiences in shaping consumer attitudes and behaviour."

Alistair Beckermann

Client Service Director

[email protected] | +64 21 959 589

Working with some of the world’s biggest brands, on some of the largest international events, Al brings a wealth of experience and an acute understanding of what works and what’s required to make it work. A problem solver, he is always calm under pressure and will work closely to ensure that objectives are met and projects are delivered successfully, regardless of any challenges faced.

“I love this industry because I get to see it all. You really learn and grow from every new experience and I get to be involved in and drive some of the coolest experiences around."

Rich Hatton

Operations Director

[email protected] | +64 27 4532 110

With 11 years in the sports and entertainment industry Rich has been integral to the planning and delivery of some of the largest sponsorship, event and live marketing programs in New Zealand.

“I’m a sports fan and entertainment junky so appreciate how powerful this most emotional of mediums can be. Brands that tap into this and put the fans experience at the core can really shift the needle”.

Nick Brown-Haysom


[email protected] | +64 27 4630 208

One of New Zealand’s most accomplished sponsorship and experiential marketing experts Nick has a unique blend of media, rights holder, client and agency experience. Nick is an innovator, a strategist and a realist. Formerly Head of Sport TV3 and Head of Sponsorship Mobil Oil.

“I love being part of original thinking and projects that tap into genuine human insights, truly improve people's lives and deliver real commercial outcomes for our clients."

All of the SPUR New Zealand Staff - formerly NZ Sponsorship agency